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February 2020 Investment Portfolio Update

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Every month on Instagram I share my investment progress, however, I’ve decided to start writing a dedicated post every month to give you a more detailed overview of each investment along with my thoughts, feelings and feedback.

As this is the first in-depth Investment Portfolio Update some of the information is missing as I didn’t do one last month as I was in the middle of sorting out the chaos after I moved house. Next month will be much more interesting and enlighting.

You’ll notice that I don’t include the actual amounts and values of each investment. That’s because it’s just not necessary and not helpful to you. The only reason I can see why someone would publish their own figures is to make them look good.

I’m here to educate you on money management and investing, and sometimes it doesn’t go according to plan. My net worth isn’t helpful to you, it won’t make you financially free, only investing principles do. All that matters is the investment distribution and percentage gains/losses, that way you can take my percentages, apply them to your net worth and see what the actual amounts would be in your case.

Money allocationReturns from last monthReturns in 2020
Real Estate – Property Partner1.25%N/AN/A
Real Estate – Private
Precious Metals2.18%N/AN/A

DebtPaid back this monthPaid back in 2020
Credit Cards16.85% N/A
House Loan0.73% N/A
Loans4.26% N/A

Thoughts on this months progress

As you can see we paid a big chunk of change off our credit cards this month. We did this as one of the credit cards deals was up for renewal (or pay an insanely high-interest rate at 19.6%) I simply transferred the balance of the credit card to Barclaycard on a 28-month deal at a 1.9% transfer fee. Simply by restructuring the debt we now have an extra £200 per month.

I’m not particularly pleased with how much of my portfolio is in cryptocurrency. However, I’m still in the red with some of those investments (damn bear market!!) so when I am in the green I fully intend on transferring some the capital into an index fund and buying another property to rent out.

We’ve had a couple of minor setbacks this month as my partner injured himself at work so was unable to work for a couple of weeks, then when he was ready to go back to work he was booted off the job he was on (he’s a contractor) which was a highly paid job for the next year or two so I had to go back and comb through our budget. As usual, he landed on his feet and automatically went on another job but this was isn’t as well paid as the previous.

Budgeting Goal(s) For March

In 2019 we smashed our goal of a 3-6 month Emergency Fund. However, since we hit that goal we have moved into a much bigger house with higher expenses so we have to go back to baby step 3 and increase that figure by 50%. It hadn’t occurred to me that I would need to increase the fund (I know, silly me). Hence why I hadn’t budgeted for it in January and February.

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