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Tell your story.

Everyone has a unique story to tell. Tell us yours. There is always something to learn from someone.

Don’t be afraid to share your mistakes.

Now we have all made mistakes in our lives. Don’t be embarrassed to share them. You never know, you just might end up helping someone. Admitting your mistakes is essential for moving on and moving forward into success.

Get to the point and don’t fill with waffle.

Don’t go around the houses to get to a point. Make a point and give your reasons why.

Don’t sit on the fence.

Here are LFRE we take a no nonsense approach to money and life. We like people who know their own opinion and stand firmly by it.

Don’t hide your strengths.

So many people don’t like to talk about their successes. They feel like they are boasting or something (especially those here in the UK). So tell us what has worked for you. What have you tried that has worked? What was the outcome?

Write something engaging.

The most effective article is something informative with a little added humor. Don’t be stiff. Just because we talk about money on here doesn’t mean we can’t have fun as well. 


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