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Welcome to Live Full Retire Early.

The Mission

Emma's mission at Live Full Retire Early is to teach women to make, manage and save money in order to get financially fit, prioritising their mental health in the process.



Emma believes that money is a crucial element of a good life, and without a solid financial foundation, everything else is built on unstable ground. Therefore, at LFRE, she adopts a practical and straightforward approach to life, emphasising the importance of balance and how to live for today while planning for the future.

At LFRE (Live Full Retire Early), we cover a wide range of topics that revolve around money and lifestyle, including investments, personal finance, budgeting, DIY, beauty and fashion, money-saving recipes, travel, and mindset... We cover it all. 

Meet Emma

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Emma Woodhouse

Founder & CEO

Every year, Emma has a tradition of listening to two books: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and the Les Brown Live Your Dreams series. These two incredible books serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for Emma. In January 2018, while going through her annual study of the two books, Emma was travelling to work, when she was hit by a brilliant idea. She immediately pulled over her car and called her best friend to share the idea. Once she arrived at work, she quickly registered the domain name on GoDaddy.

Emma had been searching for a way to share her passion for personal finance for a long time, and after listening to both audiobooks, she was struck with the idea of Live Full Retire Early.


So a bit more about Emma … 

Emma is a self confessed control freak with a touch of OCD. She loves to create order and structure things as they “should be”.

Emma's personal mission is to find creative ways for people to get what they want through financial engineering and to encourage people to express what unique value they personally posses

She started working for her family business in 2007 after working several jobs in hospitality. Working for her family's business had its benefits but it also came with its disadvantages. She dedicated 16 years of her life to the family business sacrificing any other hopes and dreams she had.

In January 2023, her world was turned upside down and she was informed that the business was going to close and was going to be made redundant. 

In 2011, Emma started gaining knowledge in the real estate industry and in 2012 she bought her first property. Fast forward to 2023 and she has purchased rent out and flipped countless properties. Real Estate is her first love. She has become a pro at seeking out profitable investment opportunities, ensuring compliance, negotiating with contractors, and efficiently managing multiple projects. Emma specialises in analysing the viability and profitability of new investment opportunities.

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