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How To Make More Money. 51 Lucrative Side Hustles.

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Life can be unpredictable and stressful at times, especially when it comes to your finances. All it takes is an unexpected bill and BOOM, your savings are completely wiped out.

This is why I ALWAYS suggested having an Emergency fund. An Emergency Fund is a stash of cash set aside in case you lose your job, your earnings decrease, you receive unexpected medical bills or if your health affects your ability to work.

In a Federal Survey, 44% of people said that they would need to borrow money or sell something to cover a $400 emergency expense.

To determine individuals’ preparedness for a smaller scale financial disruption, respondents are asked how they would pay for a hypothetical emergency expense that would cost $400. This amount reflects the type of expense that one may experience from an unexpected car repair, appliance replacement, or medical bill. Just over half (56 percent) report that they could fairly easily handle such an expense, paying for it entirely using cash, money currently in their checking/savings account, or on a credit card that they would pay in full at their next statement (collectively referred to here as “cash or its functional equivalent”). The remaining 44 percent indicate that such an expense would be more challenging to handle and that they either could not pay the expense or would borrow or sell something to do so

The solution to this is to have an Emergency Fund.

So before you take out a high interest credit card/loan or start pawning off your belongings, why not consider starting a side hustle. START NOW, before things get nasty and your back is to a wall.

51 Lucrative Side Hustles You Can Start Today

  1. Invest in cryptocurrency and draw down 10% of your monthly gains
  2. Become an Uber Driver
  3. Become a Airbnb Host
  4. Become a Delivery Driver
  5. Complete Online Surveys
  6. Become a Blogger
  7. Become a Vlogger
  8. Become a Babysitter
  9. Become an Online Teacher in Your Specialist Subject
  10. Create a Course (Udemy)
  11. Sell on Amazon
  12. Sell on eBay.
    Go through your closet and go through all your wanted clothes, shoes, handbags, kids old toys and list them on eBay. You be surprised how much untapped money you have at the bottom of your closet.
  13. Sell on Etsy
  14. Sell Your Services on Fiverr
  15. Become a Virtual Assistant
  16. Become a Proofreader
  17. Write Copyright
  18. Become a Real Estate Investor
  19. Set up a Podcast
  20. Sell Your Services on Upwork
  21. Wash Your Neighbours Cars
  22. Become a Cleaner
  23. Repair Your Neighbours and Local Businesses Computers
  24. Become a Life Coach
  25. Become a Dog Walker
  26. Become a Local Handyman
  27. Become the Human Billboard
  28. Become an Interior Decorator
  29. Become a Model
  30. Be an extra in a TV Show
  31. Become a Mystery Shopper
  32. Become a Pet Sitter
  33. Become a House Sitter.
    This combines travel and saving money.
  34. Become a Photographer
  35. Become a Meditation Teacher
  36. Become a Window Cleaner
  37. Become a local tour guide, film your experiences and upload onto YouTube
  38. Teach English over Skype
  39. Teach a Language
    Can you speak more than one language? There are people out there dying to learn another language, so why not utilise your talent. People WILL pay money for this information.
  40. Recycle old Electronics
  41. Manage Social Media For Local Businesses
  42. Be an Affiliate Marketer
  43. Write an eBook.
    It is SO easy to get your work published nowadays … and that with Kindle Publishing.
  44. Create YouTube Tutorials.
    You can also link this with the affiliate marketing strategy.
  45. Become a Personal Shopper.
    Do you love fashion and making people look beautiful? Then use your creative eye and  become a Personal Shopper. You can work out deals with your local boutiques for a percentage of the profit from each sale.
  46. Offer to Write People’s Resumes.
  47. Become a Baker
  48. Private Label Products
  49. Multi Level Marketing (MLM)  

2 Random & Bizarre Extra Lucrative Ways To Create A Side Hustle:

  1. Sell Your Hair
  2. Rentafriend

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