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✈️ How Visiting Acapulco Kicked My Ass. How To Deal With Jet Lag After a Long Haul Flight ✈️

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So I have been back in the UK six days (after flying back to England after my Anarchapulco trip) and I am still suffering with jet lag. My sleep patterns are all over the place, I’m going to bed late and getting up early for work. I’m drinking way too much caffeine just to get me through the day and my thought patterns are different than normal. 

I just watched a Brian Tracy YouTube video and he says that it requires approximately one day to recover from each one hour of time zone change. Wooooowwwww 😱

So since the time difference is 6 hours that means it should take me 6 days to feel back to normal. YAY, that means I am almost out of the woods with regards to feeling crappy 💃 

This has led me into researching all different kinds of jet lag hacks, tips and tricks, which I thought I would share in case any of you guys are in a similar position.

Tip #1

Water, Water  annnndddd more Water.

Staying hydrated during any flight is super important, however, on a long haul flight this couldn’t be more vital.

Tip #2 

Stay away from caffeine and alcohol.

Sorry guys but this will only harm you in later hours. Think ahead, don’t take away from tomorrow’s much needed energy.

Tip #3

Try not to sleep too much on the plane.

I know sleep helps the time pass quicker on a long haul flight but sometimes it can make you feel worse in the long run.

Tip #4

Instantly get in sync with whatever country you have landed in’s time zone. 

This might mean staying up an extra 6 hours however, trust me, you will be thanking me for this. Try distracting yourself and exploring wherever you are. 

Tip #5 

Go outside and get into nature

This might sound a bit hooey to some of the readers, however, breathing in fresh air and grounding yourself will help you re balance and feel relatively normal. This can be as simple as going down to the beach and wiggling your toes in the sand for a good few hours and soaking in that Vitamin D or taking a calm walk in a woods.  

Check Out Brian Tracy’s Video for more tips and tricks. 

What do you guys do to conquer jet lag? 

Please share in the comments below. Happy Travelling and Sweetdreams

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